The Merchants offers a wide variety of laundry, cleaning and rental services throughout  Cleveland and surrounding areas. Call us today for more info!


  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Commercial Laundry Services
  • Restaurant Linens
  • Health Care Linens
  • Hospital Gowns & Towel Rentals
  • Lab Coats and Laundry
  • Rugs, Tablecloths, Napkins, Bar Towels, Mats

We provide  rental and cleaning services to hotels, restaurants, banquet halls, hospitals, nursing homes, industrial businesses and automotive businesses.

Linen Rental Service

With The Merchants Towel Service Co., Inc. linen and uniforms for your business always look their best. We are commercial laundry experts. With knowledge and industrial equipment we can keep your uniforms, linens and mats looking like new. With no overhead cost and low maintenance, you can put your best foot forward for your customers.

Why Use A Linen Service

  • No investment in inventory
  • Professional cleaning keep your whites looking their best
  • Convenient Pickup and delivery
  • No need to buy and operate expensive industrial laundry machines
  • Saves time and effort allowing you to focus on your clients

Linen Service

Keep your whites looking bright when you call us today! Hospitality options are available for restaurants and hotels. Medical linens for hospitals, surgical centers, doctors’ offices, physical therapy and massage therapists are also available. Your linens and uniforms are delivered cleaned and pressed every week.

Floor Mat Service

Floor mats provide many benefits to your business. Improve the image of an office, hospital or restaurant with clean mats. Reduce the risk of slips and falls. Reduce maintenance on floors. With a floor mat service you get clean mats on a regular schedule.

Have your own laundry? Ask us about (COG) Customer Owned Goods.


We do emergency work!